Jared Pappas-Kelley

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Selected Curatorial

Curator, Critical Line:

Critical Line Invitational, Critical Line, 2007

The End, Critical Line, 2007

Nativity Artists, Critical Line, 2006

Keeping Score, Critical Line, 2006

Found Space, Critical Line, 2006

Curator, Tollbooth Gallery:

Dreams of Failure, Tollbooth Gallery, Ido Fluk, 2006

Public Parks/Public Beaches, Tollbooth Gallery, Lauren Steinhardt, 2005

No Sale, Tollbooth Gallery, Michael Lent, 2005

Antenna, Tollbooth Gallery, Kristen Baumlier, 2005

Split, Tollbooth Gallery, Alex Schweder, 2005

Jealous Poche, Tollbooth Gallery, Alex Schweder, 2005

The Valentine’s Day Round-Up Massacre, Tollbooth Gallery, Patrick Rock, 2005

Tollbooth Junction: 11th & Broadway, Tollbooth Gallery, Bridget Irish, 2004

Maps to Radical Imagining, Tollbooth Gallery with Performance, Wynne Greenwood (Tracy + the Plastics), 2004

Perfect Entrance, Tollbooth Gallery, Tim Sullivan, 2004

Rorschach Notions, Tollbooth Gallery, Delta Camshaft Collective, 2004

Rising Up, Tollbooth Gallery, Vanessa Renwick, Donovan Skirvin, and Celebrate People’s History Project, 2004

Stepback, Tollbooth Gallery, Denise Smith, 2004

Seadrift, Texas, Tollbooth Gallery, Bill Daniel, 2004

Curator, Don’t Bite the Pavement:

A series of touring video and new media screenings and events. West Coast, USA, and Vancouver, Canada. 1999-2007.

Publisher, Toby Room magazine 2001-2007