Jared Pappas-Kelley

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Curatorial Projects and Spaces

Critical Line was an 1,800 foot gallery space that specialised  in installation, video, and time-based work. The exhibition space was a project of the non-profit ArtRod and run in partnership with its satellite project the Tollbooth Gallery.

The Tollbooth Gallery featured works on view 24/7/365, showcasing experimental video and paper-based installations directly on the street in an environment that flirts with vandalism and encourages non-museum audiences. Built from an abandoned information kiosk, the reclaimed space was billed as the ‘world’s smallest gallery dedicated to video and wheat paste’ and showcased eight shows per year, presenting innovative media-based work from around the world.

Don’t Bite the Pavement, first organised in 1999 in Olympia, WA, is an ongoing screening series of experimental film, video, and time-based art that pops up in venues around the world including basements, clubs, museums, and galleries.

Toby Room (2001-2007) was a quarterly magazine organised as a gallery in print. The publication was rigorously interdisciplinary and each issue featured an artist in residence.