Jared Pappas-Kelley

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Selected Writings

Colour and Chromophobia. The Minutiae of Visionaries: Experiments Toward Social Evolution (essays). Evolutionary Girls Press. 2010. (forthcoming).

Giving Up the Ghost. The Rumpus. San Francisco, CA. 2009.

Douglas A. Martin’s Branwell. The Rumpus. San Francisco, CA. 2009.

Louise Bourgeois and Scheherazade. The Rumpus. San Francisco, CA. 17 Jul 2009.

Bad Habits. Buffalo News. Buffalo, NY. 24 Jul 2009.

Vicarious Living. Pitkin Review. Plainfield, VT. Spring 2009.

New Drawing Form Embraces Colour and Abstraction at Nina Freudenheim. Buffalo News. Buffalo, NY. 22 May 2009.

Uta Barth’s Distrust of Narrative/Cause and Effect. En Tarde-Garde. Apr 2009.

Pair of shows out of spotlight at Albright-Knox. Buffalo News. Buffalo, NY. 17 Oct 2008. 

Tollbooth Artist Interviews. (Originally appeared) Toby Room. WA. Issue 10. 2007.